Jillian Van Dresser

Jillian Van Dresser



Jillian, a design principal at Studio Partnership, is well known for her leadership in the hospitality design industry as founding Principal and Creative Director of Van Dresser Company.

Jillian brings a sense of style, creativity, and attention to detail to all her interior design projects. Her unwavering focus on client goals and long-lasting relationships centered on mutual respect earns her top billing with her valued clients in the timeshare and full-service hotel design arenas, as well as for high end residential design.

Her extensive travels and love of art and music strengthen her design experience and bring a special flair to make each design unique.
Jillian has served on industry boards and organizations in many capacities both locally and internationally, and served as International President of NEWH, Inc. where she continues to promote and underscore the importance of NEWH within our global industry.